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Water Heater Installation

Most homeowners do not think about their hot water heater until it stops working. If you are going for your morning shower and you discover only cold water flowing, you will need to call an emergency service to your home. Water heaters are large and difficult to remove. You will want an HVAC company serving Norfolk, Newport News, Chesapeake, Virginia, and the surrounding areas to come and provide the home services you need to keep your water hot. Our services include water heater installation, HVAC repair, drain cleaning, and more.

Installing A New Water Heater

At Mechanical Service Company (MSCO), we offer professional water heater replacement and installation in Virginia Beach, VA, and we will remove your old water heater for you too. When you are ready for a new water heater installation with quality service and workmanship in your home, it’s time to call (757) 427-0016 and talk to a member of our team or use or contact form to get started today.

Heater installation companies throughout Suffolk, Portsmouth, Williamsburg, and the Hampton Roads area are able to take care of your water heater needs. Whether you have a tankless water heater, gas water heater, or natural gas, MSCO has the skills you need to have an energy-efficient water heater installed in your home. If your water hasn’t been hot enough lately, or you are looking for water heater services that provide a warranty in your area, MSCO is ready to help.

Do I Need a New Water Heater?

Common issues that indicate you need a new water heater include:

  • A lack of hot water. When you do not have hot water coming out of your system, this can mean your heater is no longer working and needs to be replaced.
  • Slow delivery of hot water. If it takes your heater longer than normal to increase the temperature of your water, the system is likely starting to fail. You may notice this more sharply when the weather gets cold.
  • A desire to get a more efficient hot water heater. When you are concerned about rising energy bills, this could be due to an inefficient water heater. As your system gets older, it is going to take more energy to keep your water hot.
  • The water heater is broken and will be costly to fix. If you are told upfront that a water leak is caused by sediment or a rusted storage tank and it is going to be an expensive repair, it is usually more cost-effective to replace the water heater instead.
  • The water heater is 10 or more years old. Traditional water heaters reach the end of their lifespan at about 10 years. When your system is older than that, it is time for a replacement when a repair is needed.

Your water heater may start to leak, or produce water that has a red tint to it. There are times when your water tank can be repaired if it has a hole. When the corrosion is coming from the inside of your tank, the water can become rust-colored. If you notice red-tinted water, you probably have to replace your water tank. When the corrosion is excessive and causes a leak, it is probably too expensive to repair it.

If you notice a banging noise when your water heater turns on, this can be caused by sediment settling at the bottom of your tank. Your tank should be drained and flushed to see if sediment is the issue. Once the tank is clean, the noise may go away.

What Are Some Common Types of Water Heaters?

When you are going to have the water heater in your home replaced, you can choose from traditional water heaters or a tankless water heater installation. The variety of water heaters you can choose from include:

  • Electric water heaters – rely on electricity to heat hot water for your home. They rely on heating elements on the inside of the water heater and are more efficient than gas water heaters. Electric water heaters are less expensive upfront than gas water heaters, and not as energy efficient.
  • Gas water heaters – use a gas line to heat up the water in your tank, getting it ready for the various faucets within your home. They are more expensive to install than electric water heaters and they require an approved city inspection. The water is kept hot until it is needed, this type of system is more energy efficient than electric water heaters.
  • Tank-style water heaters – a tank-style water heater can use gas or electricity and hold hot water until it is needed within the home. The tank will last about 10 years, and will eventually start to corrode and leak.
  • Tankless water heater – water heating systems that do not rely on a tank to hold the hot water. The water is heated on demand by the system and does not require storage.

Should I Choose Water Heater Repair or Replacement?

When you are faced with the decision to replace or repair your existing water heater, it is important to consider a number of factors. The cost of the repair when compared to the cost of a replacement is your first step to consider. If it is a minor repair, replacing the system may not make sense immediately.

The age of your water heater is another aspect to consider when your heater is not currently working. If it is more than 10 years old, the system is probably not worth fixing. When your water heater reaches 10 years old, it has reached the end of its lifespan.

As your system gets older, it gets less efficient. When you are looking to optimize the energy efficiency of your water heater, a replacement is usually the answer. Our products include a number of water heaters from which you can choose.

What Are Some Tankless Water Heater Benefits?

A tankless water heater offers a number of benefits to homeowners looking for solutions to hot water problems. When you have a tankless water heater installation in your home, you will discover:

  • A system that is more efficient. With a more efficient hot water system, you will see your energy bills decrease. This will save you money over the lifetime of your system and will be environmentally conscious.
  • Hot water instantly. When you want hot water immediately, a tankless system gives you that option. You do not have to wait for the water to heat up or make its way through an extensive series of pipes.
  • Your hot water never runs out. A hot water tank eventually runs out of hot water and has to heat up again. With an on-demand system, the hot water consistently runs until you turn it off. If you are consistently running out of hot water and have a traditional system, it’s time to see if a tankless system is a better idea.
  • Your system lasts longer than a traditional water heater. When you invest in a tankless system, you will get more years of hot water than with a tank system. You might pay a bit more in the beginning, but you will get it back in savings over time.

If you want to learn more about tankless water heaters, it’s time to speak with a member of our team at MSCO. We have the experience you are looking for when it comes to replacing the water heater in your home. Our specialist will be able to answer your questions about the benefits of this type of water heater and how it can be used in your home with success.

Conventional Water Heater Installation

Most homes in the South Hampton Roads area have conventional water heaters. Conventional water heaters have a reservoir that holds between 30 and 100 gallons of water, heating it and holding on to it until you need it. When you turn on the hot water, an outlet at the top of the tank pumps water into the shower, sink, or another area of your home where it is needed. Coldwater enters through the bottom, where it is heated until needed, creating a continuous cycle that helps keep your home’s water comfortable.

You can choose natural gas, propane, or electric water heaters, depending on your needs and the structure of your home. MSCO can install all three types of conventional water heaters. During water heater installation, we will remove and dispose of your existing water heater safely, then install the new one, checking all flex lines and safety drain pans to ensure optimal and safe operation.

Contact MSCO today to get a free estimate for water heater installation services in Virginia Beach.

Our Water Heater Installation Process

When you work with MSCO to have a new system installed in your home, we make the process simple. We will talk to you about choosing the right size water heater for your home. If you want to change your system to a tankless water system, we will provide you with an estimate in order to do so. Once you choose a water heater, we remove and dispose of the old water heater in your home to make room for the new one.

Our technician will then install your new tank and make sure that it is working properly. Our technician will check the flex lines and inspect the safety drain pans to ensure the system is optimized and safe. If you have any questions, our technician will be happy to answer them for you. We work with high-quality employees who have the skills necessary to handle your hot water heater and installation process with ease.

Why MSCO Is the Best Choice for Virginia Beach Water Heater Installation

When you work with MSCO for your water heater, understand that you will have experienced, knowledgeable installers coming to your home. We work hard to provide a customer-centered focus and quality services on which you can depend. Our expert installation services will provide you with a warranty for your water heater, and you can expect that the job will be done correctly.

At MSCO, we will help you choose the right water heater for your home. Whether you are looking at traditional water heaters, or want a tankless system, we are ready to talk to you about your options. We will provide you with an estimate before we complete any work, and there will not be any surprises when it comes to the cost of the work.

We are proud to serve the Virginia Beach and Hampton Roads area since 1955. We are proud of our reputation as a skilled HVAC company, and we are ready to provide your home with the services you need to stay comfortable throughout the year.

Schedule a Consultation to Discuss Virginia Beach Water Heater Installation Today

If you need a new water heater, it’s time to schedule a consultation with MSCO to discuss your options. Call us at (757) 427-0016, and a member of our team will be ready to answer your questions. Don’t get stuck without hot water, and trust your water heater installation needs a professional in the area. MSCO is committed to quality customer service, and is ready to take your call.

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Technician Rick did an outstanding job of completing my annual service check, correcting minor problems and cleaning my system prior to the summer season. What impressed me most is that he took the time to point out other issues in my attic (loose fitting at the hot water heater) and even outside (water spigot leaking) and fixed both on his own since they were easy fixes. What a great service professional and so rare to find someone honest and willing to take a few extra moments to help out. Thanks for a great experience!

- Mark B.

Technician Rick did an outstanding job of completing my annual service check, correcting minor problems and cleaning my system prior to the summer season. What impressed me most is that he took the time to point out other issues in my attic (loose fitting at the hot water heater) and even outside (water spigot leaking) and fixed both on his own since they were easy.

- Mark B.
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