Home Automation Systems in Virginia Beach

Imagine a scenario where you can control all of your home’s systems from one central device. This is possible through the power of home automation. At Mechanical Services Company, we offer home automation services in addition to our other products and services, allowing you to enjoy the comfort and benefits of a smart, automated home.

What Is Home Automation?

The world is getting increasingly “smart.” We have smart phones, smart appliances, smart cars and smart watches. In your home, you can apply this connected “smart” technology as well, giving you greater control and automation over your home’s systems. Smart Home AutomationHome automation can be as extensive or as simple as you want. Maybe you just want to automate your HVAC system with a smart thermostat. That’s certainly easy to do. Perhaps you’d rather have a fully automated system, with your home’s security, entertainment, appliances and heating and cooling systems all connected. This is possible too. You can even connect all of these devices and systems to your tablet and smart phone, putting the control in the palm of your hand. With the help of the team at MSCO, you can do all of this and more in your Virginia Beach home. MSCO offers Nexia Home Intelligence systems that can turn your home into a completely smart, automated place. We also offer ComfortLink programmable thermostats. With these two systems installed in your home, you can enjoy the latest in automated technology. Call MSCO today to schedule a consultation to discuss smart home automation.

How a “Smart Home” Benefits Virginia Beach Homeowners

Why should you make your home into a “smart home?” What benefits can you enjoy by investing in this technology? Having a smart home has several benefits. Some of these include:
  • Peace of Mind – You’ll never have to wonder if you remembered to arm the security system or turn off the oven before you left for work. Simply check your tablet or phone and take care of this task remotely. You can even get alerts if there is a problem at home, giving you the chance to take action right away.
  • Improved Efficiency – By putting your HVAC system on automatic, and giving yourself mobile control, you can use it in the most efficient way possible.
  • Improved Comfort and Convenience – With a smart home, you can set up your oven to preheat and be ready for you when you walk in the door, or ensure that your home is at the optimal temperature when you come home, even if your schedule is varied.
If you want to enjoy these benefits, give MSCO a call at 757-427-0016!

Trust MSCO for Your Smart Home Automation Needs

At MSCO, our goal is your comfort, safety and convenience. Home automation meets all three of those goals well. If you’ve been considering investing in home automation or want to learn more about it and its benefits, call our team at 757-427-0016 or contact us online for a home automation consultation. Let us know how we can help make your home comfort systems work better for you!

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