Who We Are

After all these years, providing total home comfort comes easily for Mechanical Service Company.  Three generations of the Whitaker family have steered the company to ever greater success since 1955.

Hampton Roads has changed over the years, and heating and cooling technology has certainly changed – but the one thing that has remained constant is MSCO’s dedication to excellence. Our longstanding relationship with thousands of local families speaks to the reason for this longevity. We have even turned our office’s main hallway into a “Hall of Fame” where we proudly display letters and thank you cards from our customers.

Investing in Training and Education

We actively encourage and support employee higher education, as well as provide comprehensive in-house training. MSCO believes that a better prepared workforce benefits everyone.  Many of these benefits remain hidden “behind the scenes”, but still translate into a huge impact for our customers.  As an example, many companies will have one, perhaps two, state certified Master Tradesmen on staff. Mechanical Service Company happens to have no less than eight. It is this level of dedication that defines us, and sets us apart from our competition.

Leading The Industry As Trane Comfort Specialists™

We are proud that MSCO was chartered into the ranks of Trane Comfort Specialists™ – an elite group of heating and air conditioning professionals dedicated to ensuring that only the most efficient and safest heating and cooling systems are chosen for each home. Our management team supports the heating and cooling industry at large by serving on the boards of organizations such as the Air Conditioning Contractors of America and the Qualified Gas Contractors Association.  The staff of MSCO is also very proud to serve as mentors to other growing contractor entrepreneurs all over the country through our membership in Service Nation.


Fielding The Area’s Top Team

While it is the leadership of a company that guides and nurtures, it is the dedication and skill of each employee that impacts our customers’ decisions on a daily basis.  When it comes to employees in our company, longevity is not just another word. Nearly one-third of our workforce has been with us for ten years or more, and some of those have histories of more than thirty years with the company.

This combined experience of long-term employees is an immeasurable strength, and one that has served Mechanical Service Company well through the years.

From 1955 to today and beyond, Mechanical Service Company is here to keep Hampton Roads comfortable the same way we always have: By delivering consistent service and value … and giving you a pleasant customer experience every time.