Ready to Sell Your Home? 4 Steps to Increase Your Home’s Selling Value

Ready to Sell Your Home? 4 Steps to Increase Your Home’s Selling Value

Every Girl Scout knows to Be Prepared, but not everyone selling their home can say with certainty that they are ready for the process. But by tackling a few simple home improvement projects, you can make sure your home has just the right “curb appeal” and is ready to shine. Making your home appealing to potential buyers is less stressful if you break it down into simple steps:

Listen to your Realtor

First, make certain your realtor knows exactly what buyers are looking for in your neighborhood. Second, take their advice seriously. They can guide you through any upgrades or improvements they think may increase the selling price, like replacing an aging HVAC system or damaged ductwork. They can also steer you away from any projects that could prove to be a waste of time and money.

Consider a Home Inspection

Being proactive and scheduling your own professional home inspection could potentially save you some headaches later as you put your home on the market. All known issues must be disclosed to a new buyer, so learning early-on about any repairs necessary can help immensely. 

Home Inspectors will provide you with a report about all major aspects of the home, including the HVAC system. Additionally, a clean “bill of health” from a home inspector can help with price negotiations with potential buyers. 

Clean up your Act

The best way to make your home shine is to quite literally shine it up. Declutter and research home staging to amp up the appeal. Clean every nook and cranny – top to bottom. Clean the windows till they sparkle and don’t forget the appliances and bathroom tile. Try leaving your home and returning – come through your front door imagining yourself as a potential buyer. Would you be happy to purchase the home based on what you see? Tour the home as though you are seeing it for the first time and take note of what you like and change what you don’t. Chances are if you love it, prospective buyers will to.

If you need HVAC Help

These days, many home buyers are interested in home-based technology like smart homes and home automation. A new compatible heating and cooling system could appeal to potential tech-seeking buyers. Even if a new HVAC system is not in your home preparation outlook, a good thorough cleaning and tune-up of your existing system will keep both you and the new homeowner safe and comfortable. Call the pros at MSCO at 757-427-0016, or go to to learn more.

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