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The experienced team at Mechanical Service Company is ready to handle your heating repair and all HVAC needs. We know that you want to keep your family warm this winter, and our goal is to provide you with the quality emergency furnace repair services you need to keep your home comfortable. MSCO is a family-owned heating and cooling company in Virginia Beach, committed to our community to provide affordable heating, AC repair, and maintenance services.

We understand that you need a heating and cooling company you can trust, and we have a team of experts ready to solve your heating and cooling problems. If you need to have your furnace repaired in an emergency, contact us right away — we are ready to help.

How Does a Home’s Heating System Work?

When you have a furnace-based heating system in your home, the first step is to know what type of fuel is used. While most furnaces are now natural gas-powered, some furnaces use heating oil, propane, or electricity. In a basic sense, your furnace produces hot air and then circulates the air throughout your home. You set the thermostat to your desired temperature. When the temperature dips below the temperature you want, the burner on the furnace gets lit. Gas flows into your furnace, heating up the heat exchanger. A blower motor and fan then moves the heated air through your air ducts and into your home.

If you are a first-time homeowner, you may have an outdated furnace that is no longer efficient. Talk with a member of our team to learn more about the different types of furnaces you can choose from for your home. You will want to know what type of thermostat is used and if you need to add ductwork in the home. While the furnace is responsible for heating air for warmth, an AC unit is often outside and takes care of your air conditioning needs. If you need AC repair or a new air conditioner, we provide a full range of heating and cooling maintenance and repair services.

Does My Furnace Need Maintenance?

When you work closely with a heating company such as MSCO, you will learn about the importance of routine furnace maintenance to keep your furnace in good working order. You should have your furnace serviced at the start of the heating season and whenever you notice a problem with how your heat is working. In a normal visit for routine maintenance on your furnace, the technician will:

  • Vacuum out the unit to remove dust and dirt
  • Inspect and change out air filters
  • Wipe out the entire unit to clean it
  • Look for signs of wear and tear, including cracks in your heat exchanger
  • Test the efficiency of the heating system
  • Check and clean all sensors, the ignitor, and hoses
  • Lubricate necessary parts and check for damage

If you have no heat or your gas furnace won’t turn on, you need to call for your HVAC system to be repaired by a professional. We are always ready to provide 24-hour emergency furnace repair in Virginia Beach and the surrounding area.

Your New Furnace and Routine Maintenance

A newly installed furnace still needs to be serviced every heating season to keep it in good shape. While you probably won’t have any major mechanical needs for your furnace, it will need to be cleaned and inspected every year. When you take good care of your system, it will be more efficient and last you longer. You can learn how to change out air filters, clean the air ducts, and inspect the exterior of your furnace for damage. Pay attention to your new furnace, and report any issues to your heating company right away. Routine maintenance will help your system last much longer.

What Causes a Heating System and Furnace To Be Damaged?

If you ignore the maintenance needs of your heating and cooling system, your furnace or air conditioning unit can break down faster. If your furnace is older, it is even more important to get your system serviced to avoid the need for emergency heating services. Your furnace wears down over time, and getting a tune-up on your furnace will help prolong the life. Dirt and debris can wreak havoc with the internal components of your heating system. It should be cleaned at least once a year, and you can learn how to do some cleaning yourself. A new furnace is costly, and you want to keep your furnace properly maintained so it doesn’t break earlier than usual.

If you are purchasing a new home, you will want to know what the heating system is like before you make your purchase. You may need an entirely new system or costly repairs. This should all be considered before you buy a new home.

How Do I Know I Have a Furnace Problem?

When you don’t have heat, or the blowers are giving off cold air, you have a problem with your furnace. The system may not turn on, or you could hear strange noises when your furnace turns on. If you don’t have heat, or your system is loud, you need to have your system serviced immediately. If you ignore problems with your heating and air conditioning, it will cost you more money over time in emergency repairs. During routine maintenance, your technician may discover that your furnace is inefficient and needs significant repairs. An inefficient furnace makes it more expensive to keep your home warm, and it will eventually stop working completely. You are at risk of needing an emergency furnace repair when you continue to run a furnace that needs to be replaced. You may need heat pump services if yours is no longer working.

Get the HVAC System Maintenance You Need

If you suddenly don’t have heat, you can end up overwhelmed and freezing. An emergency furnace repair service in Virginia Beach will make sure that your system gets running fast, so you don’t have to try and stay warm overnight. Protect you and your family when you work with HVAC technicians you trust. In an emergency, your HVAC technician will inspect your system and make any repairs possible to get your system running again.

When Should I Get Help?

Get help during the heating season, especially if your furnace goes out in the middle of the night. The coldest weather occurs at night, and you don’t want to end up with frozen pipes in your home because of the cold. Keep your loved ones healthy by calling for 24-hour emergency furnace repair. When you need service today, an emergency furnace repair technician can get to your home fast.

If you haven’t had your heating system maintained for this upcoming season yet, it’s time to schedule service with our HVAC technicians. We are on standby to help you and your loved ones stay warm and healthy this season. Call (757) 427-0016 or complete the online contact form to speak with an experienced home comfort professional at Mechanical Service Company today.

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Technician Rick did an outstanding job of completing my annual service check, correcting minor problems and cleaning my system prior to the summer season. What impressed me most is that he took the time to point out other issues in my attic (loose fitting at the hot water heater) and even outside (water spigot leaking) and fixed both on his own since they were easy fixes. What a great service professional and so rare to find someone honest and willing to take a few extra moments to help out. Thanks for a great experience!

- Mark B.

Technician Rick did an outstanding job of completing my annual service check, correcting minor problems and cleaning my system prior to the summer season. What impressed me most is that he took the time to point out other issues in my attic (loose fitting at the hot water heater) and even outside (water spigot leaking) and fixed both on his own since they were easy.

- Mark B.
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