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6 Ways to Lower Your Heating Bill this Winter

Regardless of the type of heating system you have in your home, your winter heating bills are going to be higher than in the summer simply because the outside temperatures are going to decrease. Below are six ways that you can stay warm this winter for less money.
Lower Your Heating BillLower Your Heating Bill

1. Fully Automated

There are many home automated options these days. Check out Nexia, an intuitive thermostat that allows you to monitor and control your home’s climate from anywhere. Nexia features six daily heating and cooling schedules, saving you 10% – 12% on your energy bill.

2. Programmable

Okay, so it might not actually be high tech to install a programmable thermostat to keep your home heated during those times when you want to feel cozy and warm, but it is definitely an upgrade from traditional methods. However, compared to one hundred years ago, installing a thermostat that you can program for multiple times throughout the day at various temperature settings is kind of high tech. If you haven’t already tried it, why not give it a chance?

3. Throwback

Back in the day, blankets, pillows, area rugs, and sweaters were commonly seen in homes throughout the winter. Honestly, traditional methods of staying warm without cranking up the heat a few notches have a lot going for them. After your initial expense, you don’t have to spend more money on these items. You can share your blankets and pillows with other family members, and your sweater makes a great fashion accessory. Plus, you can easily transport your area rug from one room to another to keep your tootsies warm.

4. Be Your Own Contractor

Who says you can’t learn how to use a caulk gun or handle weatherstripping if you are more of a pencil and paper kind of gal or guy? First, perform an energy audit of your windows and doors, checking for drafty areas. Next, visit your local home improvement store or shop online for your supplies. Third, seal up any leaks, cracks, or holes, and enjoy the benefit of a warmer home as draftiness takes a vacation.

5. Become an Explorer

If you haven’t already checked out the insulation in the attic, it is time to grab a flashlight and climb those steps now. When the attic is improperly insulated, you are simply begging for heated air to escape to the outdoors as it goes on its own mission to explore a new horizon. Add insulation in underprepared areas or replace dirty and worn insulation with new to experience a warmer, cozier home this winter.

6. Professional Checkup

At least once a year, take a few moments to have your heating system evaluated for performance and efficiency. A few dollars spent on maintenance and repairs is well worth the comfort you are sure to experience with a properly and evenly heated home.

Plan a Little. Save a Lot.

When the winter arrives you have two choices. You can either sit back and suffer the consequences of doing nothing or you can enjoy a more comfortable living space because of your efforts to ensure your home is properly secured to hold heat and your HVAC system is working efficiently.

Did you know that we do home energy audits? We even have an infrared camera to locate hot or cold spots in walls and ceilings. Schedule an appointment today.

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