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If you or anyone in your family has felt cold in your house even when the furnace is turned on, something might be wrong. When your furnace isn’t working efficiently—and especially if it’s not working at all—it can be frustrating to be in your home for any length of time. Even though winters tend to be mild in the Virginia Beach area, we do get a few particularly cold nights every winter.

Mechanical Service Company offers prompt and effective gas, oil, and electric furnace repair services throughout the Southside Hampton Roads area. Even if your furnace stops working after normal business hours, we can send an on-call technician to your home. Our primary goal is your total home comfort—24 hours a day and seven days a week!

Whenever you need furnace repair in the Hampton Roads area, call MSCO at 757-453-5018!

Signs You Might Need Furnace Repair

Even if your furnace hasn’t completely stopped working, you shouldn’t just live with a furnace that isn’t heating your home well or seems to be operating poorly! Some of the common signs of furnace problems include:

  • Unusual noises coming from your furnace
  • Uneven heating throughout your home (finding “cold spots” in some rooms)
  • Having to increase the temperature on your thermostat to stay comfortable even when it hasn’t gotten colder outside
  • Unusually high heating bills
  • Your furnace having trouble staying on
  • Musty or rotten smells coming from your furnace, which could indicate mold
  • A yellow pilot light, which signals a lack of oxygen intake that causes your pilot to go out

If you’ve noticed these or any other furnace troubles, you should call a professional to take a look. MSCO’s service technicians can repair gas, oil, and electric furnaces throughout the Virginia Beach area!

Call MSCO  at 757-453-5018 for furnace repairs!

Emergency Furnace Repairs in Virginia Beach

Many HVAC companies will only send a technician to repair your system during normal business hours, but we at MSCO know that furnace problems don’t wait for a convenient time to pop up. At MSCO, we offer 24-hour furnace repairs in Virginia Beach and throughout the Southside Hampton Roads area—including Chesapeake, Norfolk, Suffolk, and Portsmouth. Even if it’s the middle of the night on the coldest day of the year, MSCO will answer the call!

If you need emergency furnace repairs, contact MSCO by calling us at 757-453-5018 immediately!

Call MSCO When You Need Furnace Repairs in Southside Hampton Roads

MSCO is recognized as the go-to team in the Hampton Roads area for quality installation and repair of home comfort systems—including air conditioners, furnaces, all-in-one HVAC systems, and more. Over the past half-century, MSCO has proudly delivered heating and cooling solutions to thousands of families across Virginia Beach and the surrounding area. Contact the HVAC experts at MSCO for furnace repair services today!

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