End-of-Cooling-Season Air Conditioning Maintenance

End-of-Cooling-Season Air Conditioning Maintenance

While the need for air conditioning is certainly not over, the seasons are changing. The transition to heating is not far off. And, although the changing of the seasons likely means you already have a long to-do list, giving your air conditioning unit a little love and attention should find itself near the top of that list. 

Clean or replace your air filter

Can you remember the last time you did this? If not, that’s probably a sign that you need to clean your reusable filter or replace it if it’s non-reusable. This is one thing that should take precedence as you’re going through your air conditioning close-out for the year – your air conditioning system will be ready to roll with a clean filter next season. If your system has not been cleaned this year, we recommend servicing your air conditioner one last time before you switch the air conditioner off and the furnace on, especially if you have a pet or live with allergies. 

Inspect and clean the AC coils

Your HVAC technician will be examining and cleaning the evaporator coils on your AC unit at least once a year, either before or after the cooling season. Prior to the closeout of air conditioning season, it won’t hurt to double-check and make sure the coils are clean to save yourself from having to do it come next spring. You’re checking to make sure the outdoor condenser coil is clean, undamaged, and unblocked by debris. Remove any leaves or dirt from around the unit and trim back bushes and foliage that are too close to the condenser in order to minimize the potential of debris entering the unit during the winter months. 

Prepare your AC unit for the winter

The last item on your end-of-the-cooling-season maintenance checklist is to make sure your unit is ready for the cold months ahead. When you’re no longer cooling your home, once you turn off your air conditioner for the last time for the season, you may even cover the air conditioning condenser unit (if you so choose). We do recommend that you check the exterior components of your air conditioning system during the winter months just to make sure there’s not an excessive buildup of snow, ice, or debris. Of course, if you have a heat pump – your outdoor unit will be busy keeping you comfortable all year long. 

Need the help of a professional?

The easiest way to feel confident that your HVAC system is ready for the changing season is to rely on the experts. Joining our maintenance program ensures that these steps are taken during your semi-annual maintenance appointment. Or you can simply give us a call for any questions or concerns you might have and our professionals will be happy to take care of it for you: 757-427-0016.

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