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Don’t Skip These Essential Services

Now, more than ever – we are spending more time at home to keep ourselves healthy. While there are some things that can definitely wait, it is never a good idea to neglect certain critical aspects of your home’s health. There is a list of items that are essential to the well-being of every home and every homeowner should keep the phone numbers handy for the providers of these key services.


Of course, we all know how critical regular maintenance can be to keep your home heating and cooling system operating properly. Comfort for the entire family is essential – and maintaining the proper temperatures and humidity level is vital for the integrity of the home as well. Remember, your home’s interior is now the school, movie theater, recreation center, office, and more. Making sure that everyone is comfortable makes all these homebound functions more enjoyable.

Indoor Air Quality

Since we are spending more time indoors, we should be more aware of the potential for indoor pollution. We typically think of pollution as something found outside like smog, pollen, and exhaust. The reality is that everything that exists in the air outside is also in the air inside our homes. It only gets worse when we add cooking odors, pet dander, and dust.

Enhancements to the home that improve air quality have taken on additional importance and should be a priority. High-efficiency filtration systems and air purification systems will ensure that your family is breathing the best germ-free air possible. 

Foundation and Crawlspace

All homes need to rest on a healthy foundation. Water and moisture under your house can cause or increase a moisture problem inside your home as well. Moisture is the enemy of hardwood floors, wood furniture, clothing, and more. If you suspect a foundation or crawlspace issue may be affecting your home, don’t delay in contacting a professional (such as MSCO). Small problems can become big and expensive quickly.

House Cleaning

Cleaning services may seem like a luxury, but during times of heightened concern about germs and allergies – such a service may be invaluable. Services utilizing the CDC cleanliness guidelines can help maintain a healthy indoor environment, especially for busy families with children or elderly folks living alone. 

Pest Control

Insects, rodents, and other pests may try to join the fun in your home – especially this time of year. Unfortunately, not only do they creep us out – they can cause real harm to our houses. Invading pests can inflict damage to major systems in your home such as ductwork and insulation. A pest control professional can be a valuable ally in keeping your home healthy and free of certain unwanted guests.

To keep your home comfortable anytime during the year, of course – as always, turn to us at MSCO. We are always available to help with all your HVAC questions and concerns – and we can gladly help you find quality service providers for certain other home services that we don’t currently provide. We are always here to help our community in any way we can – making Hampton Roads comfortable, one family at a time. Call us at (757) 427-0016 or get us at www.msco.pro

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