Considering New Air Condition Installation

Indoor Zoning Can Provide Maximum Comfort.

With summer in full swing now is a perfect time to consider upgrading or replacing your old air conditioner.   You may already be at the point where your old AC unit is broken down.  Before you decide on an air conditioner, you should consider several important factors to maximize your indoor comfort and energy costs.


One crucial factor that many homeowners fail to consider is the “zones” in their homes.  Very rarely does a home receive even sunlight distribution throughout all the rooms and floors.  Uneven sunlight distribution causes uneven heating in a home.  This will lead to one room or part of the home being hotter and one part being cooler.  The differences in the zones can sometimes vary considerably.  The direction of the windows in a room can also play a role in the heating of a room, with south facing rooms tending to be much warmer than north side facing windows.


Options to remedy the uneven heating are limited.  Cranking up the AC to make hotter rooms cool, may have the unintended consequence of making other rooms too cold and creating a spike in energy bills.  A perfect solution to this uneven heating is to have new air conditioning installation with zoning from a Trane ComfortLink™ II Control dealer.  This innovative new AC system will allow you to individually control the cooling in every room.  You can increase or decrease the cooling in a room, zone or floor of your home with ease by using a remote control.  This new zoning system can even be adjusted by using a compatible smartphone.


Contact us for professional air conditioning installation and we can install the Trane ComfortLink™ II Control AC system in your home for optimum comfort in all the zones in your home.