Ask the Experts: What If I Don’t Change My HVAC Filter?

Ask the Experts: What If I Don’t Change My HVAC Filter?

Changing your HVAC filter. You know you are supposed to do it. Your HVAC technician told you how important it is. But did you do it? Is it really that important? What’s the big deal if you don’t change them?

You may be surprised how expensive it may be to neglect that poor little filter.

Clogged Filters = Higher Energy Costs

When a filter is not changed as frequently as recommended, its ability to clean the air diminishes. The accumulation of dirt and grime eventually causes the once porous surface of the filter to be jammed up and solid. This eventually restricts vital airflow that your system must have to work properly.

End result – you have made your HVAC system’s job much more difficult, as it must work harder and run longer. Increased amperage draw requires more power costs. System cost efficiency is reduced. You have just caused your energy bills to increase.

Ignoring Filters = HVAC Lifespan Reduction

Now that your filter is clogged, your system needs to work harder to keep your home comfortable. Your issues don’t end with the higher bills, though. Coils and other vital components become mired with muck and grime – causing them to not work properly.

Condensation drain lines can become clogged – resulting in possible water damage to your home. The increased wear and tear can also shorten the lifespan of your system.

Keeping that filter clean will allow your HVAC system to run its entire lifespan cleanly and efficiently, and you will enjoy years of comfort before you have to worry about investing in a replacement system.

Changing Filters = Better Air Quality

When air is unable to pass through your filter and circulate throughout the system, it cannot be cleansed of airborne dirt. All of the particles of dust and allergens in your home are able to stay in the air because the filter is not able to do its job. Clean, filtered air is better for your HVAC system and better for your family too.

Expert Note:

The Air Scrubber Plus is a device that uses its ActivePure Technology to purify the air and help eliminate home pollutants like smoke, mold, chemical odors, bacteria, and odors caused by pets and cooking.

Air Scrubbers perform these tasks using UV light waves along with a proprietary catalytic process that creates enviroscrubbing molecules of oxygen and hydrogen. These scrubbing molecules work 24/7 in your home, continuously reducing airborne contaminants, helping to eliminate odors and surface dust.


Your MSCO technician can help you determine how the Air Scrubber Plus can enhance your HVAC system.

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