Your AC Is Not Blowing Cold Air Now What?

In the height of summer, you want your house to feel cool inside. If you are dealing with an air conditioning unit not blowing cold air, you are left to sweat it out. As summer days get hotter, the interior of your house is only going to get more uncomfortable until you get your AC fixed. Correcting a problem with your AC isn’t something you want to put off.

If you have tried troubleshooting the issue, and the air conditioning is still not cooling your house down, you need professionals to find and fix the problem. Call in the HVAC experts at Mechanical Service Company to correct the problem quickly and have you feeling comfortable all summer long. Our technicians can quickly diagnose the problem and get it fixed so you can stop worrying about your AC unit and start enjoying your summer again.

Is Your AC Malfunctioning?

Knowing whether your air conditioner is malfunctioning is the first step toward finding out what’s wrong and getting it fixed. The most obvious sign is that your AC is blowing warm air. Discovering why it is doing so is important. There are a few signs that show your HVAC unit may not be working properly. Some of those signs include:

  • Utility bills have gone up a lot
  • Your air conditioner will not come on at all
  • The unit is making strange noises
  • The air conditioner is frozen

If you have any of those signs, or if your HVAC unit is blowing warm air, you need a professional HVAC technician to take a look and correct the problem. You deserve to have comfortable and cool indoor air in your home.

Air Conditioner Blowing Cold Air

What Are the Most Common Reasons For an AC To Not Be Blowing Cold Air?

There are several common reasons why an AC unit would stop blowing cold air. Understanding those reasons can help you determine whether you can troubleshoot the unit, or whether you need to call the professionals at MSCO to help with AC repair.

A Component of the AC Unit is Dirty

A dirty air filter, evaporator coil, or condenser unit can cause a lack of cool air. Homeowners will want to make sure there is no buildup on these parts, and regular AC maintenance can help reduce that risk.

A dirty condenser coil, for example, can stop your AC unit from working efficiently and can lead to warm indoor air. Ice buildup in your indoor unit also causes issues with the temperature of the air in your home as it will block airflow and you should turn it off immediately. If the outdoor unit is getting blocked by weeds or grass, that could prevent it from operating properly and could be another reason for warm air.

It Is Not Using the Right Temperature Setting

If the thermostat is set too high, you will not be getting the cool airflow you expect from your AC system. Turning the thermostat settings down can help. Make sure you don’t try to cool your home too much too quickly. Sometimes, a very low temperature setting can put a lot of strain on your AC unit, especially if it is extremely hot outside. This could lead to further mechanical issues in the future.

Something Is Leaking

If there is a leak, it could be that low refrigerant levels are causing the problem with your air conditioning system. Water can also leak from the unit if it’s freezing up, and that will create a problem with cooling, as well as cause water damage. Checking refrigerant lines and making sure the coils are not icing up, can both help to locate the problem.

The Compressor Is Faulty

A faulty or worn AC compressor is not going to provide adequate cooling for your air conditioning unit. An HVAC professional can take a look at your central air conditioner and determine if your compressor is at fault. Sometimes a refrigerant blockage can be an issue with your cooling system, but compressors also wear out over time and need replacement, even with good maintenance.

How to Tell If There Is a Refrigerant Leak?

If your AC unit is running for a long period of time but not cooling your home adequately, you could have a refrigerant leak. Over time, a leak can cause your compressor to shut down and the system to fail. Fixing a refrigerant leak is not a DIY job, and you will want to work with professionals to get it repaired.

Trained technicians can use soap bubbles along the refrigerant lines to see if they  can find the leak, the same way you would use them on a tire or inner tube to look for a puncture. Technicians can also use ultraviolet dye or an electronic leak detector to determine whether leaking refrigerant is the cause of your HVAC issues. Oil residue could be another sign of a refrigerant leak. 

The new systems no longer use freon r-22 but some older systems still have this refrigerant. No matter which type your central AC system uses, though, a leak is a serious matter you want to correct before it damages your air conditioner. Refrigerant leaking into the air is also bad for the environment.

When Should I Call in the HVAC Experts For a Broken AC? 

If changing the air filter and thermostat settings do not work, and you cannot find any obvious issues, a refrigerant leak may be the issue. It’s time for you to call an expert. You can also look for a tripped breaker or other electrical concerns. Cleaning a dirty coil or making sure a condenser fan is running as it should are both easy fixes before calling in the professionals for repair service.

Regular maintenance is a good idea when you are trying to keep your heat pump or HVAC system working well. A tune-up before summertime often finds problems that can get corrected quickly. Yet, even with the best maintenance and care, an AC unit will sometimes break or malfunction.

You don‘t have to sit and swelter in your home when you should be cool and comfortable. Calling the pros at MSCO is the way to go when you have evaluated all the obvious, potential DIY issues and haven’t found anything that’s easily corrected.

Beat the Summer Heat with a Fixed AC Unit

Mechanical Service Company has been in business since 1955, with three generations of family making sure every one of their Hampton Roads customers gets the AC service and support they deserve. From addressing a clogged filter to problems with an air handler, MSCO can make sure your AC is working efficiently and your home is cool all summer long.

If you’re in Chesapeake, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Suffolk, Virginia Beach, or anywhere in the Hampton Roads area, we are here to help. You can request a free quote by calling our home comfort professionals today at (757) 427-0016 or completing our online contact form. We’ll be in touch right away!

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