MSCO: Heating and Cooling Maintenance Basics

Heating and Cooling Maintenance Basics

One of the best ways to protect the investment that is your HVAC system is by participating in a maintenance program. As we discussed in “Should I Hire an HVAC Professional or Do It Myself?” your heating and cooling system requires maintenance that is essential to keeping it running smoothly over its lifespan. But you’ve probably wondered what exactly goes on during one of these maintenance appointments and how important it truly is. All you see is a contractor coming into your home with unrecognizable equipment, adjusting your thermostat, taking apart your outdoor unit, and messing with that strange box in your closet that you may not know the purpose of. So, keep reading to learn what exactly happens during these maintenance appointments, or contact MSCO to sign up for our maintenance plan.

Seasonal Specific Maintenance?

As we dive deeper into spring and soon enough into summer, you’re probably most concerned with the operation of the cooling elements of your HVAC system but it’s important to realize that this is all one system. So maintenance will be performed on the entire system during each appointment. No matter what the season, MSCO will make sure you receive a thorough and complete service with each maintenance visit.

Your home HVAC components are part of a complicated system with a lot of moving parts. In order to effectively maintain the comfort of your home all year long, we highly recommend you schedule semi-annual tune-ups. During this tune-up, one of our MSCO technicians will:

  • Clean or advise replacement of your air filter as needed. A clogged filter equals higher energy costs, poorer air quality, and a reduced life for your HVAC system.
  • Test thermostat – The brain of the system. We will test for proper operation and adjust settings as necessary.
  • Clean evaporator and condenser coils. Dirty and clogged coils reduce your system’s ability to effectively cool your home and cause the system to run harder. Dirt and neglect are the top causes of HVAC inefficiency and parts failure.
  • Check temperature readings. The technician will take readings, and if necessary, check your system’s refrigerant level.
  • Inspect and test major components. This includes the blower motor which affects the system’s airflow, the compressor, your condensate traps, and drain, and all electrical connections.
  • Clean outdoor unit. After your technician cleans the inside components of your condenser, the unit will be put back together – with the exterior being thoroughly cleaned and waxed.
  • Notify you of any parts that may need replacement.  Your technician will advise you of any issues that we may need to address.

Stay Comfortable All Year Long

No matter what type of heating and cooling system in your home – gas furnace, heat pump, basic or variable speed – it is important to keep it properly cleaned and all moving parts in good working order. When the season turns again to Fall and Winter, worry not – because your MSCO technician will have inspected all heat operations including connections, flame sensor, burner combustion, and heat exchanger. We will inspect safety controls and fan settings, as well as a heat pump system’s supplemental heat strips. A healthy heating and cooling system leads to a healthier and safer home.

Just like your car, your heating and cooling system needs routine maintenance in order to function properly for the entirety of its lifespan and avoid costly repairs. Our HVAC technicians are highly trained, certified, and armed with the best products and equipment to help identify the most affordable and energy efficient way to maintain the comfort level in your home. Contact us to sign up for our maintenance plan

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